Samaipata is the birthplace of 1750 wines and the frontier of South American viticulture. Nestled between the Andes mountains and the Amazon basin, this cool-climate, high-elevation valley is home to 400 years of wine history. The Uvairenda Vineyard blankets the east-facing slopes starting at 1,750 meters (5,741 feet) above sea level — hence the name 1750 wines. This boutique winery uses natural fermentation and sustainable farming techniques to produce less than 2 thousand cases of high-quality wines each year. The 1750 labels don the image of a Guarani woman — a native people whose men and women were revered as fierce and noble warriors.

Available for wholesale distribution pricing in DC/MD (Prestige-Ledroit), VA (Salveto), OH (Soroca), WI (Left Bank), PA (Dreadnaught)NY/CA/NJ/FL (Park Street). Email contact@chufly.com for more information. 

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