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Magnus Sangiovese, 2016
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Magnus Sangiovese, 2016

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Winemaker: Liz Arrancia

Blend: 100% Sangiovese

Winery: Magnus

Region: Tarija, Bolivia

Sub-Region: Valle Portillo

Notes: This wine is a unique variation of the Sangiovese grape agile and is perfect for warm weather or with a variety of foods. Super light nose, subtle red fruit, hint of leather and touch of charcuterie to balance out the fruit notes finishes with mouth watering acid tannins. Sangiovese, an import from Italy, is well suited to Tarija’s high altitude sunshine. Back in its home region of Tuscany, Sangiovese can handle the toughest, driest conditions, and the most intense sun. After studying wine in Italy, Winemaker Liz Magnus knew that with a bit of patience, and some oak barrels she would be able to create a unique Bolivian Sangiovese that pays homage to Italy, while pioneering a new style in Bolivian wine. This Sangiovese is elegant, yet powerful, showing lots of caramelized fruit, leather and fig.

Pairing: Mushrooms, spicy food, fresh raw produce, cheesy pasta, grilled veggies with lots of spice. 

Oak: Yes

Residual Sugar (g/L): 2.53

ABV: 13.8% 

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