theTwelve X Chufly Pick-Up Party

theTwelve X Chufly Pick-Up Party

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Chufly Market and theTwelve  are teaming up to provide a beautiful space for you to pick up your wines locally in Washington D.C. Beginning next Thursday, April 1st, we will host a monthly "pick-up party" at theTwelve's space in Union Market. Proceeds from each pack sponsor theTwelve Exhibition Two: NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF


Pick-Up Offerings: Choose from the three curated collections listed above

Pick-Up Date: Thursday, April 1st from 2pm-6pm

Pick-Up Location: theTwelve 1262 5th St NE Washington, DC - Union Market 


About theTwelve 

theTwelve is a year-long art/retail/gathering experiment by twelve friends and creators for Beloved Community. Coming off the unusual year that was 2020, theTwelve offers a space in the marketplace that reflects on what it means to truly be “All In This Together.” 

From a season rife with tumult, separation, and uncertainty, we explore, as creatives and entrepreneurs, how we can collectively infuse meaning into our everyday lives by putting People First, reflecting on how our individual choices impact ourselves, one another and the wider world.  

We come together to offer a Holistic Commerce and Educational Experience informed by Art, Beauty, Design and theThings We Care About to foster true connection—intended to build community, unify and heal. A hope-building mission.


theTwelve Exhibition Two: NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF 

theTwelve is pleased to announce their second exhibition of the year “Neighbor as Thyself,” a group exhibition exploring the relationships we have with one another, inspired by ancient commands to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” What do you see when you look in the face of another? What does it really mean to love your neighbor as yourself? 

Showcasing the works of four local artists, David Ibata, Serli Lala, Rhema Jordan, and Craig Kraft, “Neighbor as Thyself” extracts the notion that loving one’s neighbor is synonymous with loving one’s self; and community as being the antidote to ego. 

“Neighbor as Thyself” will be on view at theTwelve, 1262 5th Street NE Washington, DC 20002 from April 14th, 2021 to June 26th, 2021. 


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